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Boards, Commissions and Authorities

The Spalding County Board of Commissioners believes all citizens should have the opportunity to participate in governmental decisions. In order include citizens in decisions being made by their local government, the Board of Commissioners is assisted by a number of boards, commissions and authorities. These groups are comprised of county residents and report directly to either the Board of Commissioners or to individual county departments. The groups vary in size and responsibility. Membership terms vary depending on the particular boards, commissions and authorities.

The Board’s goal is to appoint qualified, knowledgeable and dedicated people to serve on the boards, commissions and authorities. Commissioners usually make a large number of appointments during the first business meeting of the year, but will also make other appointments throughout the year to fill expired terms and/or vacancies as needed. Certain qualifications may be required to hold positions on some boards, commissions and authorities. These qualifications are stipulated in either the Spalding County Code or the Georgia Code.

A complete list of the Spalding County’s Boards, Commissions and Authorities.

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For more information, contact the County Manager’s Office at (770) 467-4280.