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Spalding County Department of Finance


Finance Department

Director: Jinna Garrison
Administration Building, Room 104
119 E. Solomon Street.
Griffin, Georgia 30223
Telephone: (770) 467-4222
Fax: (770) 467-4227

Contact Information
Accounts Payable/Checks:
(770) 467-4215 or (770) 467-4216
(770) 467-4215 or (770) 467-4216
Staff Accountant/Purchasing:
(770) 467-4226

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Purchasing Policy

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How to do Business with Spalding County
The first step to selling goods or services to the county is to register as a vendor with the county. This is done by clicking the "Vendor Registration" link below and completing the registration process. During the registration, please upload your completed: Company registration, W9 and E-verify affidavit. The commodity codes on the registration process are required and allow for you to receive notifications. The county will make every attempt to notify registered bidders of bid opportunities, but cannot guarantee notification of individual bid opportunities. Bid opportunities are posted below: