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Commission Meetings and FAQ’s

One way to learn what is happening in Spalding County is by attending a meeting of the Board of Commissioners. All of the business conducted by the county is discussed and decided upon in these meetings, including, but not limited to road issues, grants, budgetary matters and local programs. The Spalding County Board of Commissioners encourages all of its citizens to attend the Commission Meetings and learn more about your county government and how it works.

When does the Board of Commissioners meet and are these meetings open to the public?

The Spalding County Board of Commissioners meets on the first and third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in Room 108 of the Spalding County Courthouse Annex. A notice containing the date and time for each meeting is posted and maintained in a conspicuous place available to the general public at the regular meeting place of the board, in addition all meeting notices are distributed to the local media for publication. All of the meetings are open to the public, except for those occasions involving matters that are specifically exempt under the Georgia Open Meetings Law.

Can a citizen speak at a Board of Commissioners Meeting if they are not on the Agenda?

The Spalding County Board of Commissioners welcome public comment. Any individual wishing to make a comment will need to sign up on the sign in sheet available at the meeting. Individuals who have signed in will be allowed to speak during the Public Comments portion of the Agenda. Please note that in order to manage available time, each comment will be limited to three (3) minute time period.

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