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Spalding County Coroner

Georgia Coroners Association
A coroner's is a government official whose main responsibility is to determine and officially record the manner and cause of deaths that are unexplained or unexpected.  This is done by conducting investigations, performing scientific tests and asking questions.  Requirements for this job include intense dedication and a passion for justice.  The coroner's job is very stressful in that this individual has to be accessible at all times, must be capable of handling criticism and must possess a hard core of integrity as he/she is accountable for the success or loss of a case.

Spalding County Coroner's Office
119 E. Solomon Street (30223)
P.O. Box 1087 (30224)
Griffin, Georgia
(678) 859-1564

Honorable John (Sonny) Foster
P.O. Box 1087
Griffin, Georgia  30224
Cell Phone: (678) 859-1564
Deputy Coroners
Kellie E. Bennett
119 E. Solomon Street (30223)
P.O. Box 1087 (30224)
Griffin, Georgia
Office: (678) 827-7006

Sonny Foster Coroner Spalding County GA

Bill Gates
P.O. Box 237
Orchard Hill, Georgia  30266
Office: (770) 468-4243