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Things You Should Know

Georgia’s Move Over Law
Spalding Fire Controlled Burn Codes
Be Prepared – Create your own Ready Kit

Below are links to home safety related checklists to keep you and your family safe.
(all of the tip sheets contained in this section can be accessed through www.nfpa.org)

Family Safety
Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults
Escape Planning Tips
Family Emergency Plan Form
Family Fire Safety Checklist

Home Safety
9 Volt Battery Safety
Candle Safety Tips
Clothes Dryer Safety
Cooking Safety
Carbon Monoxide Safety
Electrical Safety Tips
Heating Safety
Home Fire Sprinklers
Home Safety for People with Disabilities
Light Bulb Safety Tips
Manufactured Homes Safety Tips
Microwave Safety
Portable Fireplace Safety
Scald Prevention Safety
Smoke Alarms
Smoke Alarms for People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Smoking & Home Fire Safety
Water Safety
Wood Pellet Stove Safety

Outside Safety
Car Fire Safety
Fireworks Safety Tips
Gel Fuel Safety Tips
Generator Safety Tips
Grilling Safety Tips
Lightning Safety

Holiday Safety
Christmas Tree Safety Tips
Halloween Safety
Thanksgiving Safety
Turkey Fryer Safety
Winter Holiday Safety

Other Safety
College Campus Fire Safety
Hotel & Motel Safety

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Spalding County Fire Department offer blood pressure checks?
    Yes, all of the 7 county fire stations offer blood pressure checks.
  • What is a Burn Ban?
    The open burning/controlled burn ban is under the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. This ban is in effect from May 1st through September 30th. There are flyers attached under the Forms Tab that lists the specifics of the burn ban.
  • How do I schedule a tour or visit to a fire station?
  • A form is available under the Forms tab that you will need to use to submit a request for a tour and/or a visit to a fire station. The request should be submitted to the Fire Department, if you have any questions please contact us at (770)228-2129.
  • How can I receive a free smoke detector?
  • The Spalding County Fire Department offers a Free Smoke Detector program. For details please call (770) 228-2129.
  • Does the Fire Department fill swimming pools?
  • The Spalding County Fire Department does not fill swimming pools.
  • Does the Fire Department have volunteer firefighters?
  • Yes, the Spalding County Fire Department has a volunteer firefighter program. Applications are available at the Spalding County fire Department Headquarters station located at 600 Carver Road, Griffin, Georgia.