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Juvenile Court

Spalding County Juvenile Court
Spalding County Juvenile Court
and Juvenile Probation

429 East Solomon Street
Griffin, Georgia  30223

(770) 467-4730

(770) 467-4733

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 368
Griffin, Georgia  30224

Juvenile Court Judges

Ben J. Miller, Jr.
Presiding Judge

Stephen D. Ott
Associate Judge

Tamara Mixter
Administrative Assistant

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Probation

Syble Jones
Chief Probation Officer/
Clerk of Court
(770) 467-4727

Rosha Thompson
Probation Officer
(770) 467-4729

Jonathan Nelms
Probation Officer
(770) 467-4726

Office Staff

Karen Glover
Deputy Clerk

Madeliene Gatlin
Deputy Clerk


Shara Fletcher
Deputy Clerk