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 Spalding County Water Authority

Spalding County Water Authority works in conjunction with the City of Griffin Water Authority to provide services to the citizens of unincorporated Spalding County.

If there is already service to your location you will go to the City of Griffin Water Department and arrange to have your service turned on at that location.

City of Griffin Customer Service
100 South Hill Street
Griffin, Georgia 30224
Phone: (770) 229-6403
Spalding County Water Authority
Community Development
119 E. Solomon Street, Room 204
Griffin, Georgia 30224
Phone: (770) 467-4208

Spalding County Water and Sewerage Facilities Authority Roster of Members

Member   Term Expires
Dave Lamb, Chairman   12/31/2023
Johnny Goodrum   12/31/2019
Robert F. McIntyre   12/31/2023
Eric Pitts   12/31/2021
James Brooks   12/31/2019
Fannie Delaney   12/31/2022
Clay Davis   12/31/2023
Jim Skinner   12/31/2021
Gwen Flowers-Taylor   12/31/2019

2019 SCWA Regular Scheduled Meetings
(Meetings are subject to change)

Meetings are held quarterly on the third Wednesday of every month at 8:30 a.m. in The Spalding County Courthouse Annex located at 119 E. Solomon Street, Griffin, GA 30223 in Room 108.

For a list of specific dates and/or times please contact the Spalding County Water Authority
at (770) 467-4208.

If a new water is needed the following steps are required:

  1. Contact the City of Griffin Customer Service and complete a service contract (a deposit may be required).
  2. Bring a copy of the City of Griffin Customer Service Agreement to the Community Development Department.
  3. An agreement with Spalding County will be completed based on the Customer Service Agreement signed with the City.
  4. The customer then pays for the meter.
    Spalding County Water Authority Fee Schedule
  5. The customer will receive a receipt for fees paid, copies of the contract with the county and a flag that they must place in the yard where they want the meter.

NOTE: Meter location must be flagged within three (3) days of tap purchase. If installation crew arrives at your location and the flag is not up, you will be dropped to the bottom of the list and a $50.00 return trip fee will be charged.

Please be aware that all water leaks need to be reported to the City of Griffin at

(770) 229-6403 (Monday – Friday) from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.
After 6:00 p.m. please call (770) 229-6406.

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